New York City is one of the strongest innovation locations in the world, marked by its renowned clinical and research institutions, energized collaborative culture and internationally acclaimed position as a home to leaders in science, technology, capital and talent.

Alexandria is developing an integrative and collaborative first-in-class, life science and technology campus in an ideal location, proximate to innovative research and development, technology and finance.

New York City is at the crossroads of advanced life science technologies. It is the city from which over 118 Nobel laureates draw inspiration and in which approximately two dozen life science companies are started each year.

As a global hub for finance, New York City provides the necessary resources to effectively translate world-class science and technology into successful entrepreneurial organizations and human healthcare products.

New York City’s vibrant international culture and renowned academic/medical institutions provide the ideal backdrop for recruiting and retaining extraordinary talent from within the city and around the world.

“New York City is home to a wealth of world-class biotechnology resources, including academic medical centers that have been on the leading edge of translational research – making it an ideal place to establish partnerships for our Centers for Therapeutic Innovation. Together with these outstanding academic medical centers we will more effectively delve into the deep science of disease with the goal of developing novel targets that can be applied to meet patients’ needs. Success and advancements occur when the best minds are working in unison and the Alexandria Center’s prime location and world-class lab space will serve as the perfect location to house this new partnership.” —Anthony Coyle, Ph.D., Senior Vice President/Chief Scientific Officer, Centers for Therapeutic Innovation, Pfizer Inc.


  • New York City is the next leading life science cluster

  • The world’s largest concentration of academic institutions – a source of significant discovery and the first adopters of new products

  • An aggregation of scientific, clinical and entrepreneurial talent, investment capital and professional services focused on life science

  • Proximity to three international airports, providing more than 1,600 non-stop flights to over 217 cities daily

  • New York State ranked #1 life science location

  • Worldwide HQ for Pharma – 60% of the US’s pharmaceutical industry is located in the NYC Metro region

  • Select New York State Incentives: Possibility of tax credits for qualified investors in R&D and emerging technologies, as well as employees